Hiking to Svartifoss, the Black Falls! – Chapter 9

June 11, 2015 – Part One

After another not so restful night of sleep we finally decided to get up around 6:10 am and started the process of getting ready to make breakfast this morning. Greeting us as we were waking were some sheep on this idyllic little farm campground!


For breakfast, I was making what my grandmother always called Funny Eggs! Most people know them as eggs in a basket or something of that nature but my Mammaw Betty used to make them for me all the time and since she called them Funny Eggs, that is what they will always be to me. I also decided to cook a little bacon in the skillet so I had that all chopped up and cooked, and we were ready for breakfast! Who says you can’t have good food while in a camper van!

After breakfast we decided that we wanted to walk over to the waterfall at this campground and explore it a little before we headed out to our next destination. The waterfall was called Stjornarfoss, and it was literally right beside the camground, we could see it from where we parked last night and it was lovely. The water was so clean and clear, it was really easy to get to and made for a nice morning walk before we were to be sitting in the car for a little bit. Afterwards we headed back to the camper van and started heading toward Skaftafell National Park to do a bit of hiking!

As we were driving we noticed that it was definitely another cloudy with mist type of rainy day and it was also a bit on the chilly side. The road was empty looking with just black sand and volcanic rock surrounding us. We made it to the park pretty early but there were already quite a bit of people there so we grabbed the waterproof camera and started to hike to the waterfall Svartifoss. The trail said “easy” so we were expecting a rather normal one, but oh my gosh it was so steep! It felt like we had to stop every 5 minutes or so to catch our breath. We were really getting a workout, apparently we needed it. I think it was like 1.5 km to get there but it took us a while to do it. We also passed another waterfall called Hundafoss on our way, it was a little more difficult to see though.

We met a few people along the way and when we finally made it, there were not too many people there so we were able to take quite a few photos before we started making our way back.

A few minutes into the journey I took a photo for a Japanese couple, so they wanted to return the favor by taking one for us! By this time we were pretty tired and looking sort of rough with the weather, but it is a still a photo of us together, which we don’t have too many of!


It was much easier on the way back down considering most of this was down hill. On the way back we passed a huge tour group of very friendly Asian people. Each and every single one of them said hello to us. It was great! We ran into quite a few more couples and groups of people on the way back down and we played a guessing game trying to figure out what country each of them were from! We made it back to the van and Jeremy ate some Doritos as a snack, and I had a vanilla Skyr. Oh I did want to mention that the restrooms here were excellent! It was time to head out and get to our next destination, this was definitely a place we had really been looking forward to seeing ever since we booked our trip! Jokulsarlon, the glacier lagoon! Just outside of the national park on the road there are some sort of farm ruins or something, so Jeremy wanted to pull over and snap a photo of them!


We pulled back on the road and stopped by the Shell station to fill up on fuel before we started making our way to the Glacier Lagoon!!

Distance Traveled on This Leg of the Trip: 74.4 km


Links and Places we Visited in this post!

  1. Tjaldsvæðið Kleifar Campground
  2. Stjórnarfoss Waterfall
  3. Skaftafell National Park
  4. Hundafoss Waterfall
  5. Svartifoss (Black Falls)

continue reading…Chapter 10!

If you would like to check out everywhere we have been and see photos along the route, head over to our About page and see our Travel Map! It is marked with sights, restaurants, fuel stations, grocery stores, and more where we stopped along our journey!


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