Glacier Lagoon, Fjords, and Snow in June! – Chapter 10

June 11, 2015 – Part Two

We were filled up on fuel and ready to hit the road again. This time we were headed to Jökulsárlón, the glacial river lagoon. It was not too far of a drive, and so we made it really quickly, found a parking spot and got out to explore a little. When we arrived, it was high tide, which meant that all of the icebergs were inside the lagoon instead of heading out to sea which is what happens at low tide. This time of day, this place was very busy with tour buses and things, there were people everywhere! We got to see some seals, an iceberg break apart in the water, and the powerful sound, then silence it commanded when it happened. There were also a bunch of birds trying to attack a few people, we stayed away from them so we didn’t have any issue though. It was a really cold day, and especially around all of this ice, we got cold really quickly, so didn’t stay out too long, maybe half an hour or so.

I could share photos of this place all day long, it was beautiful. The icebergs, the seals, the crisp air, the ocean, the birds, the glacier, just all of it. Definitely a highlight of the trip and something I will remember for a long time. We hopped back in the camper van and decided to make some lunch, grilled ham and cheese sandwiches again, which actually warmed us right up before we started heading toward Hofn, we were planning on stopping at the Netto grocery store there to pick up a few more days worth of food before continuing on. On the way, we stopped to take occasional photos of sheep, reindeer, houses, landscapes, etc. We were taking our time and enjoying the views. Once we arrived in Hofn we drove around for a few minutes, just checking out the town, before getting to Netto.


We loved the Netto! It had such a great selection of foods and other stuff too, they even had LEGO sets there, which we were not expecting. Since we had been planning our trip, I had been doing research and one of things I was looking forward to finding was a certain type of sweet treat called a Risa Buff, which was like marshmallow covered in chocolate and rice crispies, and this Netto had them! As we were leaving Hofn, we were trying to decide whether we should stop in Faskrufjordur or head to Seydisfjordur to get an early start on tomorrow morning. Eventually we decided just to take the scenic route and drive around to Faskrufjordur anyway to stop for fuel and check out the original campsite we had planned on staying at. The scenery for this part of the drive was what we were looking forward to while driving around Iceland, high mountain peaks against black sand beaches with sheep dotting the hills. What we thought of as Classic Iceland.

As we were driving, we also thought how surprised we were to find that portions of the main Ring Road Hwy 1 are still gravel and unpaved. When we made it to the Orkan station in Faskrufjordur, it was being worked on, so we just decided to get fuel the next morning after we made it to Sedisfjordur. The campsite we had originally planned to stay at in Faskrufjordur was really nice! Jeremy even stopped for a quick restroom break here. It had a little waterfall and creek running through the middle of it, very quiet, picturesque, and deserted, like most of the campgrounds we had come upon. It was only around 6:00 pm, and in less than an hour we would be able to reach Seydisfjordur, so we decided to keep going. Almost immediately, after we left, there was a really awesome carved tunnel through the mountain that was about 6 km, so it went on for a little while. The remainder of the drive we were in the middle of mountains covered with snow and it even started to snow a little when we stopped for a break at a little house shack in the middle of the mountains!


We continued driving, and made it to Eggilstadir and started up a very steep and winding road in the flurries as the temperature dropped to 2 degrees C. We then wound down the road and with each curve more of Seydisfjordur came into view. If you have ever seen the Walter Mitty movie, this is the town they used as Stykkisholmur where he skateboarded down the mountain. We found the campsite, set up camp, and then started dinner. Tonight on the menu we had Spaghetti with tomato-basil sauce, fresh sautéed mushrooms, a baguette, and cookies for dessert!


The next adventure for the evening was taking showers. The showers at this campground were coin operated. 100 kr for every 1.5 minutes. If we wanted we could have taken cold showers for free, however, it was pretty cold outside, so we opted for the warm ones instead. I had forgotten my flip-flops, so I had to walk back to the van barefoot with a wet head, so hopefully I don’t get sick anytime on the remainder of the trip. We took turns going to the showers, so now that I was back, it was Jeremy’s turn to go. I started checking emails, reliving the day, writing in the journal. Can you believe we started back at that campground waterfall, went to Skaftafell National park, the glacier lagoon, and drove around the eastern fjords all in one day! It was now around 10:00 pm, as always still light outside, but bed time nonetheless!

Tomorrow, our journey will take us to a small mountain village with the most adorable fuel station I have ever seen, a really smelly place, and an amazing hidden gem we were really excited to find!

Distance Traveled on this Leg of the Trip: 423 km


Links and Places we Visited in this Post!

  1. Jökulsárlón (Glacier Lagoon)
  2. Höfn
  3. Netto Supermarkets
  4. Fáskrúðsfjörður Camping Ground (Did Not Stay Here, But Lovely!)
  5. Seyðisfjörður Camping Ground

As always, if you would like to see our World Travel Map, check out the main menu and our About Page! If you have any questions or comments about anywhere we went or just want to say Hi, please do! We will see you in the next Chapter!

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