Tiny Farm, Smelly Vents, and a Gorgeous Cave! – Chapter 11

June 12, 2015 – Part One

This morning we woke up in Seydisfjordur to a sky with a little blue peeking through. I had chopped all of the vegetables for breakfast, then all of a sudden, a huge fireball came out of the camp stove! For some reason, the canisters are going into it and shooting Butane out into the air when we put it on lock. So instead, we went inside the camp kitchen to cook. There was already a guy in there who told me to go ahead and use his stove eye since it was already hot. It was a strange stove to me, because on the knobs, 3 said Low and 1 said High. So I prepared our veggie omelets, we went ahead and ate them in the camp house area, cleaned up then went back to the van. We wanted to drive around this little town and take some photos before we hit the road again.

Before we left, we stopped and got some fuel , then we started the drive up the mountain toward Eggilstadir, we were planning on going to the Bonus supermarket there to pick up a few more groceries. As we were driving up we had to stop at one point because of the sheep on the road, so we pulled over and then they got right back on the road after we passed them.


As we reached the top of the mountain it started snowing heavily, then it sort of turned into a blizzard and got down to 1 degree C. It was also the first time in our lives we realized what a white-out was. We couldn’t tell the difference between the land and the sky. Needless to say there were no photos of this portion, just because we wanted to be as safe as possible driving down a mountain! We finally made it down and into town and stopped at the N1 station to swap out our propane tank for the grill, for a fresh one. After that we headed over to Bonus and waited in the parking lot for it to open. While we were waiting, we checked out the Bonus ad paper to see what we might want to buy, plus get it on sale which was really a Bonus!

The next thing on our agenda was to visit Modrudalur, which is the highest farm in Iceland. We stopped along the way for a few photo ops and even took GoPro footage while driving, every so often the scenery would change and it would be just enough to make us feel like we were somewhere else. Once we reached some high altitudes, we ended up running into snowstorms all the way to the farm. It was even snowing as we arrived. Once we got there it was a very happy surprise to have a nice WC in the middle of nowhere, it was also a very quaint little farm. The church there was probably the most adorable one I had ever seen. The US could learn a thing or two from the Icelandic Churches. We took photos of everything, including the best fuel station ever!

We thought about going inside the little restaurant and getting something in there, but decided against it and started driving towards Lake Myvatn. Out next stop along the road was Namafjall Hverir. What we dub the smelliest place on the planet. It was a very beautiful landscape, it was also very cold at the geothermal vents. The smell was very overwhelming for us, it didn’t look like it was bothering anyone else though, so just know that for us it was very difficult to stay long, but for you it might not be at all, so definitely worth a stop!

We drove over to the other side of the mountain and stopped at an overlook to have lunch. It was a great view and the water here was just crazy! For lunch today we had grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and some soup from a packet, that was just…not good. It did warm us up a little bit, which was nice!

Jeremy took some photos of the area while I called my mom on Skype. After the lunch dishes were cleaned, we drove to the bottom of the hill and then found one of our most absolute favorite places on the entire trip! Definitely Top 3 I would say! Grjotagja! It was a really popular bathing site in the 60s, then in the mid 70s to early 80s there was some volcanic eruptions which brought Magma streams underneath the area which then resulted in the water temperature getting too high to bathe in anymore. Regardless of bathing or not, this place was epic!

We spent a lot of time here and we loved exploring every bit of this little place. When it was finally time to leave we drove to the falls that Jeremy was looking forward to the most on this entire trip! Godafoss!

Total Distance Traveled on this Leg: 205 km


Links and Places We Visited in This Post!

  1. Seyðisfjörður Camping Site
  2. N1 Fuel Station Seyðisfjörður
  3. N1 Fuel Station Egilsstaðir (Propane Tank Swap)
  4. Bonus Supermarket in Egilsstaðir
  5. Möðrudalur Farm
  6. Námafjall Geothermal Area
  7. Grjótagjá Cave (Trip Highlight For Us)

As always, if you want to see more of the places we have been, check out our travel map on the About page! If you have any questions or comments about anything you have seen here, feel free to leave us a comment! Thanks for reading along about our travels and have a great day!

continue reading…Chapter 12!


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