The Black Cat of Akureyri! – Chapter 13

Saturday, June 13, 2015

We woke up this morning at this gorgeous campsite in Dalvik and overnight a pretty cool VW Camper Van had parked beside us, over the course of the next few days we would see them a few other times and happily wave at one another from the comfort of our vans! After I had gotten dressed and ready I started breakfast. This morning we had funny eggs and bacon again, a quick easy meal before we got on the road, we had a lot of driving to do today!


It was yummy as usual! Once we finished up with breakfast, we got the camper van packed up and ready to go and by 9:00 we were on the Ring Road again to Akureyri to see a few sights! The first place we stopped was at the Akureyrikirkja, to take a photo. There were some parking spaces available today, but since we didn’t want to pay for parking I just hopped out took a photo and hopped back in! Next we saw a cruise ship in port, so we drove down to see it since the Disney Magic would be at this exact port in a few weeks. Remember, a cruise was the original reason we started looking into going to Iceland in the first place so we are really aware and appreciative of that fact! Random note, I love how the traffic lights have a heart when they are Red…so cool!

We needed to do a little shopping so we headed to Bonus and sat in the parking lot until it opened at 10:00 am. Wait, how could I have forgotten to mention this! Last night, the heater in our Happy Camper stopped working, so we were pretty cold all night long. More on that later…just keep it in the back of your brain on hold for a sec…I’ll get to it! So back to Bonus, we went in as soon as they opened up and picked up our groceries for the next few days, then stopped at the Shell Station. This one was different from the other we had been to, here, an employee filled the tank for you, once we were filled on fuel, Jeremy washed the Happy Camper to get our road dirt and grime off from the last few days. What is cool about fuel stations in Iceland is that they have free car wash stations at almost every single one, it is definitely a nice touch there, that is very helpful, considering here in the US, you have to pay for them.

For the first time in the trip, I took charge of the wheel and started driving us around! As we were leaving Akureyri, a black cat crossed our path…maybe a little strange foreshadowing for later…at the time, we didn’t think too much of it. We had about a 200 km drive until we reached the Vatsnes peninsula, where we were planning on going to see some seals and this huge ocean rock Jeremy really wanted to stop by. The long drive was pretty uneventful, the scenery was picturesque though!


We finally found Road 711, which was an 80 kmh unpaved dirt road that hardly any cars were on, so we were shocked when we made it to the parking area for Hvitserkur and it was full! We were puzzled at first when we arrived because we couldn’t see it anywhere. We originally thought it was this huge rock formation in the water.


We followed a path to a little observation platform and saw it. It was a fraction of the size we believed it as going to be so sadly enough the moment was a bit anticlimactic. It was freezing and windy so we walked back to the camper van to put our gloves on before we climbed the hill to the beach where the rock was located. We got to the bottom and there were only a couple of people around so we set up the tripod to take a few photos.

We were getting a little hungry so we headed back up to the van to make lunch. I started up the stove and made our usual grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. Around this time, we noticed that the heater and the fridge cooler were not working. Jeremy called Happy Camper and spoke to the owner. At first he said we could live with it, or he could try to find us a mechanic to work on it since the following day was Sunday. Jeremy then asked him if we drove it back to Reykjavik could they repair it there. He said that if we drove it back there, they would just give us a different vehicle. It would have to be tomorrow though because from where we were, there was no way we could make it back there before they closed at 5:00 pm.

We finished eating our lunch and kept driving around the Vatsnes peninsula looking for seals. When we found the seal viewing area, there were tons of people there. They all had super long camera lenses, and when we got parked and got to the beach, we found out why. There were maybe 6 seals on a distant set of rocks that our 250mm lens could barely tell it was a seal at all.


For us, it was the second bust of the day…looking back on all of this, I am pretty sure we were just not in the best of moods because of everything else going on. So you may have to bear with us through this little rough patch…unfortunately! The black cat superstition was coming back to haunt us. We kept driving around and saw a really pretty lighthouse, so I took some photos of that before we headed down towards Reykjavik.

We had decided to go ahead and drive to Akranes to stay at that campsite for the night since it was really close to Reykjavik. We spent the next 2-1/2 hours driving down Hwy 1 heading straight there. We did stop in Borgarnes to fill up with fuel then completed the remainder of the drive to Akranes.

When we arrived, there was no one to check-in with, we had missed them by 10 minutes. We were not quite sure of the protocol for this situation. We went ahead and made camp overlooking the ocean and decided to go ahead and take our showers to get them out-of-the-way. I ended up with a cold shower with someone trying to get in while Jeremy had a nice hot one. We came back and Jeremy started dinner on the grill. Corn on the cob and the remaining pork chops. At this point in the day, we both sort of had meltdowns where we were both tired of Iceland and wanted to go home. Even my Trawire battery died and Jeremy’s laptop. This was a defining moment in our trip sort of. Had we called it and gone home we would have missed out on our favorite places of the entire vacation, so looking back, we are really glad we stayed, because tomorrow was definitely a better day!

Total Distance Traveled on This Leg: 460 km


Links and Place We Visited In This Post:

  1. Húsabakki Campground
  2. Akureyrikirkja
  3. Bonus Supermarket (Heimilisfang, Langholt 1, 603 Akureyri)
  4. Hvítserkur Rock Formation (Vatsnes Peninsula)
  5. Vatsnes Peninsula (Seals and Lighthouse)
  6. Akranes Camping Site

Thanks for reading along on this one, as always if you would like to find out or see more of the places we have visited, check out Our Travel Map on the About page! If you have any questions about any of the places we visited or anything else about our trip, please let us know with a comment down below! Have a great day!

continue reading…Chapter 14!


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