Lost a day, but found Ísafjörður! – Chapter 14

Sunday, June 14, 2015

This morning we woke up at around 6:00 am in Akranes to a lovely blue sky. We needed to get to Reykjavik by 8:30 so we could exchange our camper van for a new one, so we had a few things to do to get it ready to swap. First things first though, we ate our breakfast. This morning it was really simple, just some frosted Cheerios with a banana. Next up we headed to a fuel station just across the way from the campground to wash the van, fold and pack everything inside, that way it would be easier to just switch things around to the other one quickly. Once we had finished all of that we started driving toward the Happy Camper building. We made it there a little early, so we parked in a lot nearby and waited for a bit until they opened. We met up with Jon, and we were given a Happy 3, the largest in their fleet, it was awesome, and everything was running perfectly on this one too! So we switched everything around to this one, said goodbye, and started trying to get ourselves back on track with where we were planning on being today.

We were about 5 hours, 15 minutes for Isafjordur, so we were in for a lot of driving. We hopped on the Ring Road and then the first stop we made was in Borgarnes again at the same fuel station as yesterday to use the restrooms and get some more candy bars to try out! This time we got 2 Pipps, one caramel, and one mint. We also grabbed a Bounty bar, which sort of looked like a Mounds. The mint pipp was hands down one of the best candy bars either of us has ever eaten. The other two were still really great as well. About 2 hours in we passed by a campground, we thought we might stay at before, but don’t think it is in the cards this time around. We kept driving and then finally we made it to the West Fjords. We drove for miles weaving in and out of the fjords until we found a little picnic area with a waterfall to stop and have lunch!


We finished our grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, and Cool American Doritos and then got back on the road weaving in and out of the fjords that seemed to go on forever. After quite a while of all of this scenic overload, we made it to Isafjordur. We drove straight into downtown and then drove over to the heritage museum. We wanted to see the restaurant we have been looking forward to ever since we began planning this trip! Once we saw it, we were even more excited to eat there the next day!


Since we had been driving all day, we really wanted to get to the campground early and get settled in. The campground here in Isafjordur was AMAZING! We looked around and settled on a site we would like for the night, we chose one in front of the waterfall.


This campground had so many amenities, free hot showers, and there were actually three separate roomed stalls, not communal for once, there was a few really great cooking areas, and the scenery couldn’t be beat really. Out of all of the sites we have been to so far, this one was by far the best! We got settled in and started looking at maps to try to plan out the rest of the trip. Afterwards, I decided I would go ahead and take my shower before the “crowds” started showing up. By the time I made it back, Jeremy had already started dinner!

Today was a pretty short day, we had a lot of driving and we were sort of exhausted from that, so we just relaxed in the van for the rest of the night, tomorrow, we were going to go hiking a bit, eat at that awesome restaurant and explore this little town, which was probably our favorite town on the entire trip!

Total Distance on this Leg of the Trip: 572 km


Links and Places we visited in this post:

  1. Akranes Campground
  2. Happy Campers Iceland
  3. N1 Fuel Borgarnes
  4. Isafjordur Camground

As always, thank you so much for reading along! If you want to see more of the places wehave traveled to, check out our Travel Map on the About page. If you have any questions or comments about anything we saw, just leave it down below! Have a great day!

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