A Rainy and Fog-Filled Anniversary! – Chapter 17

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Today, is our 8th Wedding Anniversary. We woke up a little after 8:00 am and then both went down to use the facilities of this campsite, which were actually pretty great! This particular campsite was perched on a hill overlooking the water and was a very quiet spot. There were quite a few people staying here last night though, so it must be a popular spot to stay before getting on the ferry.


We came back to the camper to start breakfast, this morning we had Funny eggs, and bacon again, which was so good and warmed us up!


Once we finished our breakfast we decided to take a little walk/hike around the area, there was a little hot-pot over by the ocean near the campground we wanted to see. There were tons of little bugs flying around everywhere as we made our way down the trail. Jeremy touched the water when we got there and he said it was lukewarm to him, but actually about what I like as far as water temperature in showers. We hiked back up, this time going past the hotel portion of this campground.


Next stop of the morning was the Baldur Ferry! We got in line to get on it and once it started moving I had to get out of the van and walk on, while Jeremy drove the camper onto it. It was a confusing process as first timers because the sign had lanes you were supposed to get in and everyone was just going wherever they wanted because the lines on the pavement had faded away. Once we made it on, Jeremy met me up on the deck and we started taking photos and videos and finally the voyage was underway!

The ferry ride was in two different portions, the first was to a little island called Flatey, then the second portion went from there to Stykkisholmur. All in all it was going to take about 2 and a half hours. The ferry ride was one of the smoothest ship/boat rides we had ever been on, it really made me want to cruise in a fjord more often! The wind was pretty cold, so most of the people stayed inside, so we pretty much had the deck all to ourselves at portions to take as many photos as we wanted and enjoy the scenery! Once we made it to Flatey, a few people got off the ship and a few more got on, it is an island with no cars, also while we were here they loaded some crates of fresh fish and it seemed like everyone came outside at this point, so we went in to explore a little!

We took the time inside for a few minutes at the salon to get warm and then started walking around, this was a huge ferry-boat. We read a little about the history of the Baldur ferries, then went down to the restaurant and got a Bounty bar, a Pips bar, and an Egils Appelsin. We sat in the almost empty area down there. The had a small children’s play area decorated with Finding Nemo decals! Gotta love random Disney stuff! After we were warmed up we headed back upstairs to get back out on deck, it was a little rainy now so we found a quieter area and sat down on some benches, while we continued this relaxing ride. Once we made it close to Stykkisholmur we headed back outside in the rain. It was time for Jeremy to head back down to the van and I needed to walk off the gangway. Once we made it down, we stopped at a parking lot and made grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch.

After lunch we drove around the town for a bit looking around, then it was time to explore the Snæfellsnes peninsula. It was pretty difficult to see anything actually, it was very foggy and rained the entire time, so we just kept driving, stopping here and there to get the random photo. As we went along we stopped at all of the campsites, trying to decide if we wanted to stop or keep driving to find a different one. The first one we passed was in Olafsvik, right away Jeremy pretty much decided he did not want to stay at that one. The next town we came to was Hellisander and decided it was a pretty good option to stay at if we wanted to come back to it. One of the main sites to see in this area was Kirkjufell, we had seen so many photos of it before we made the trip and it was much different at the moment in person because of all of the fog.

Moving along, the next campground we checked out was Eldborg, when we made it that far along we had decided that tomorrow, we wanted to spend an entire day in Reykjavik so we were just going to keep driving until we made it to Akranes, the campground that we had stayed the night before we switched vans. By around 8:00 pm we had made it and found a spot for the night. Jeremy pulled out the grill to make us some Icelandic hot dogs with Remoulade and Sinep brown mustard, and they kind of exploded on the grill a little, probably meant to be steamed! This time around the campground was not nearly as busy as it had been the previous time, so no one trying to come in during my shower. After we caught up on the trip journal it was really about time to head to bed. Tomorrow is Iceland National Day, kind of like our Independence Day in the United States. Jeremy also had his very last Einstock White Ale tonight. He said it was so good that he would come back to spend a weekend in Akureyri just to get it again, but I think it has to do with a little more than the beer about why he wants to return!


Total Distance Traveled on This Leg: 327km (Including Ferry)


As always, thank you so much for reading along! If you have any questions or comments about anything from this post please feel free to leave them down below! If you would like to see more of the places we have traveled, feel free to check out our travel map on the About page, I fill it in more as I get the chance! Thank you again for reading and have a great day!

continue reading…Chapter 18 COMING SOON!


4 thoughts on “A Rainy and Fog-Filled Anniversary! – Chapter 17

  1. What an adventure! Even with the few blips, it sounds like a fabulous trip! It must have taken quite a bit of research to put it all together but sometimes the research is as fun as the actual trip. I’ve never considered Iceland as a destination but your photos are so beautiful. Looking back my favorite trips have been long road trips. You get to see and experience so much more. Looking forward to reading about the rest of your trip!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love researching trips! It is sort of what we are doing now since we got our t@b400 camper! We are trying to visit a state park every weekend all around North Carolina, it is a lot of fun looking everything up and trying to figure out what to see and do! We never considered Iceland too much either until that cruise, then when we started diving further down the rabbit hole, we both realized that it deserved its own trip! We seriously had a blast, definitely at the top of the list for best trips we have ever taken, probably even most favorite destination in the world we have ever been to! I’m so glad you enjoyed reading about the trip!


  2. You must have really loved the Happy Camper experience! Sounds fun! We’ve been to some really nice state parks. Sometimes I have to watch myself not to do too much research, look at pictures, etc. There have been a few trips that by the time we get there, it almost feels like deja vu 🙂


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